Damian Bird
Pete ‘the Worm’ Newton and Jack Woolmington Chapter 1 David Sales Chapter 2 Mark Cornwell Chapter 3 Donald Johnson Chapter 4 Ted Hook Chapter 5 Jamie Smith Chapter 6 Aubrey Banfield Chapter 7 John Worswick Chapter 8 Stephen Elsworth Chapter 9
“You can almost smell the ocean and hear the gulls as Damian Bird provides up close images and personal stories of Britain’s coastal fishermen.” Robert Young-Pelton. Canadian-American author, journalist and documentary filmmaker.
“Great work! Very best wishes and congratulations on a splendid achievement. A rare and excellent example of good old fashioned photojournalism! It's like Hemingway meets Salgado on the English Channel.” James Brabazon. British documentary filmmaker, journalist, and author.
“Congratulations! Very nice!” Ami Vitale. American photojournalist, Nikon Ambassador and National Geographic magazine photographer.
“Congratulations, this is awesome!!” David James. Steven Spielberg and Tom Cruise’s specialist film-stills photographer.
“This looks absolutely beautiful! …and a huge congrats!” Catherine Karnow. National Geographic photographer
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