Donald Johnson Chapter 4
I’ve always fished as a hobby but I went commercial about 25 years ago when I developed a bad back. I just built my boat, and went fishing. I originally had the boat built for netting, but I mostly have to go potting now because we’re not allowed to catch the fish anymore because of quotas. I like getting a good catch, although, perversely, if you continually get good catches, it becomes boring then. Same with life, isn’t it? If it becomes easy all the time, it becomes boring doesn’t it? I mostly catch Sole, Ray and Plaice. We used to have sporadic Bass fish and Mackerel was abundant at one time too, but that’s all coming to an end now. The fish are moving. Bass stocks are moving up to the North Sea. But because the dredging’s stopped here, it’s helping to increase the local fish and shellfish stocks in general, which is all good for the marine environment.