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Seabird: a book containing more than 250 colour photographs. 297 x 210mm Seabird can be purchased (pre-ordered) online, securely, via Paypal. You do not need to have a PayPal account to use it. £25.00 incl postage and packing. UK customers only.
For customers overseas, please contact Damian directly. damian@lifeforcemagazine.com . For multiple copies, trade and business enquiries, please contact Damian directly. Important note: Seabird is available to pre-order only. Pre-orders will be collected until printing costs have been covered, which may delay delivery. You will find updates on delivery time on the website. Please check back for details. Should Seabird not be printed, you will receive a refund. UPDATE: 17.9.17: Seabird is now in the final stages of proofing. Off to the printers next week!
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