Farming Dartmoor: 2018-2019
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Tony, Sue & Laura
Anton, Alison & John
by Damian Bird
Damian Bird / No images should be copied, reproduced or printed without prior permission from the artist
Ken, Wendy & Rachael
John, Helen & Darren
David & Shirley
Roy, Helen, Mark & Jenny
BBC Spotlight
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Catherine Karnow. National Geographic photographer “Damian's stunning images bring you right into these farmers' lives and show a way of life that is challenging, changing and timeless. Images full of humanity and emotion, you are immediately inside the lives of these families, as you see their closeness to each other, the work and their animals. These are images that show intimacy, warmth and love - moments of deep poignancy.”
Ragnar Axelsson “It is like being in a movie where you can smell the nature and touch the clouds. Great photographs capturing moments in people’s lives in a beautiful way. Moments that will never come back but will live forever. Beautiful work.”
Jeff Bridges, photographer & Oscar winning actor "I really liked your films, Damian...full of life and information."